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ArteaP-Starter Pack

Product code: ArteaP-st

Our Tea Pack is finally available! AW Artisan has brought together in this starter-pack all of our available teas, in a small format of 50g each, to allow you to discover our entire range. This pack is designed to help you start selling tea in your store, allowing you to give it a taste and experience to your customers.

You can maximise your sales by adding this amazing Starter Pack to your shop! 

This Starter Pack contain:

-ARTEAP-01 50g Druid's Forest Blend

-ARTEAP-02 50g Red Bush Relax

-ARTEAP-03 50g Green Dragon Blend

-ARTEAP-04 50g Mindfulness Meditation

-ARTEAP-05 50g On Angels Wings

-ARTEAP-06 50g Hidden Islands Blend

-ARTEAP-07 50g Merlin's Favorite Earl Grey

-ARTEAP-08 50g Ethernal Elixir  

-ARTEAP-09 50g Red Bush Digestive

-ARTEAP-10 50g Serenity Souk Blend

-ARTEAP-11 50g Four Kingdoms

-ARTEAP-12 50g Yogi Spice Blend

-ARTEAP-13 50g Mid-summer Magic

-ARTEAP-14 50g Black Magic Blend

-ARTEAP-15 50g Dark Brown Magic

-ARTEAP-16 50g Eco Classic Green Tea with Lemon and Ginger 

-ARTEAP-17  50g Rooibos Eco Great Wall of China 

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Shipping weight 1,02Kg
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Materials / Ingredients