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African Tumble Stone Starter Pack

Product code: ATUMBLE-ST

AW Artisan Europe presents our new African Tumble Stone Starter Pack, featuring a diverse collection of beautifully tumbled stones from Africa, each smoothed to perfection. This set includes various sizes and popular stones such as amethyst, aventurine, and quartz, each unique in colour and metaphysical properties. For added convenience, the pack includes little velvet pouches and a display tray, making it an ideal choice for your business.

This starter pack includes: 

1 x FREE PPSF-06 Display Tray - 18 Compartments 

1 x FREE QVP-03 -25x Quality Velvet Pouch - Purple 10x12cm 

1 x ATumbleS-08 -24x Small African Tumble Stone-Rose Quartz 

1 x ATumbleS-12 -24x Small African Tumble Stone-Amethyst Chev. 

1 x ATumbleS-13 -24x Small African Tumble Stone-Black Onyx

1 x ATumbleS-14 -24x Small African Tumble Stones - Jasper - Red

1 x ATumbleS-15 -24x Small African Tumble Stone-Sodalite/ 

1 x ATumbleS-16 -24x Small African Tumble Stone-Carnelian Agate 

1 x ATumbleM-02 -12x Medium African Tumble Stone -Dragon Stn 

1 x ATumbleM-05 -12x Medium African Tumble Stones -Light Jasper

1 x ATumbleM-07 -12x Medium Afr. Tumble Stone-White Howlite 

1 x ATumbleM-18 -12x Medium African Tumble Stones - Aventurine

1 x ATumbleM-21 -12x Medium African Tumble Stones - Picture Nguni

1 x ATumbleM-14 -12x Medium Afr. Tumble Stone - Jasper/red

1 x ATumbleL-02 -6x Large African Tumble Stones - Dragon Stones

1 x ATumbleL-18  -6x Large African Tumble Stone - Aventurine

1 x ATumbleL-03  -6x Large African Tumble Stones - Epidote Snowflake

1 x ATumbleL-05  -6x Large African Tumble Stones - Light Jasper 

1 x ATumbleL-07 - 6x Large Afr. Tumble Stone -White Howlite 

1 x ATumbleL-01 - 6x Large African Tumble Stones - Grey Agate

Net weight /piece
Shipping weight 2,958Kg
Materials / Ingredients
Materials / Ingredients