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Supplier and Distributor of Teas, Infusions and Tea Accessories

Did you know that tea is, after water, the most consumed drink on Earth? Despite being the second most consumed drink in the world, in many regions and cultures there are special social events and ceremonies held to promote the consumption of this powerful drink, such as the tea party. 

At AW Artisan Europe, we pride ourselves on offering a curated selection of premium teas and handcrafted accessories that celebrate the art of tea culture from around the world. From rare single-origin teas to innovative blends, our collection embodies the rich diversity and time-honored traditions of the tea-drinking experience.

Sometimes all you need is a good cup of tea 🍵  It's no secret that drinking tea is excellent for our body, as all the antioxidants contained stimulate our body's health, while rehydrating it.  Discover our wide selection of tea blends and have a tea party every day. 

Our tea masters select 100% natural ingredients to create these delicious combinations. 

Explore our selection of tea accessories, thoughtfully designed to enhance the brewing and enjoyment of your favorite teas. From elegant tea pots and delicate tea cups to convenient infusers and stylish storage containers, our accessories are as beautiful as they are functional, elevating every tea-drinking experience to new heights. 

With our commitment to quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction, you can trust that every tea and accessory in our department is of the highest standard. Join us in celebrating the art of tea and elevate your tea-drinking experience with our artisanal collection.

Contact us today to learn more about our department and discover how our teas and accessories can enhance your tea rituals and enrich your daily life.

With several fusions to choose from, Artisan Tea will be a warm daily hug in your cup.

Personalise Our Teas with Your Brand

Stand out from the competition by creating your own range of exclusive teas, with personalised labels and packaging designed according to your brand identity. Personalising teas is a perfect way to celebrate special occasions such as product launches, company parties, weddings and promotional events. Surprise your guests with a personal and memorable touch. Contact us for more information. 

Don't miss the opportunity to offer your customers a truly unique and memorable tea experience. Become a reseller of AW Artisan teas and infusions today and start creating special moments that will leave a lasting impression!

Wholesaler of Teas, Infusions and Tea Accessories