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Namaste Meditation Set

Product code: ArtSet-01

Our Namaste meditation gift pack is designed for lovers of meditation, Yoga and spirituality.

 This Namaste gift box will be sent to you already assembled, packaged and ready to sell!  

Contains :

1x Yogal-02 - Female Yoga Figure - Bronze and Silver 24cm 

1x MSantoI-12 - 4 sticks of Palo Santo incense - Cyprus 

1x TBm-03 - Large Fallen Stone - Dalmatian 

1x TBm-04 - Large Fallen Stone - Howlite - white 

1x TBm-24 - Large Fallen Stone - Tiger Eye - Golden 

1x TBm-23 - Big tumble Stone - Sodalite

1x Tbm-01B - Large tumble Stone - Amethyst (Class B) 

1x TBXL-21 - XL Laminated Stone - Hematite 

1x TBXL-26 - XL Large Fallen Stone - Amazonite

Net weight /set
Shipping weight 1.321Kg
Materials / Ingredients
Materials / Ingredients