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Chipstone Bracelet Starter - 12 of each (144 Bracelets)

Product code: AWCB-ST

Introducing AW Artisan Europe's Chipstone Bracelet Starter Pack, the perfect solution for creating an eye-catching display in your store. This starter pack includes 12 of each bracelet in our extensive range of chipstone bracelets, offering a diverse selection of gemstones, each with its unique colours and benefits. 

Included with the starter pack is a FREE wooden jewellery stand, providing a stylish and convenient way to showcase the bracelets, enhancing their visual appeal and drawing customers' attention.

Each bracelet features carefully selected gemstones known for their different colours and benefits. These bracelets not only look amazing but also offer various advantages to help you throughout the day.

The bracelets are designed with a stretch wristband, ensuring that one size fits all.

Pack Includes:

12 x Chipstone Bracelet - Amethyst

12 x Chipstone Bracelet - Moss Agate 

12 x Chipstone Bracelet - White Jasper 

12 x Chipstone Bracelet - Black Agate

12 x Chipstone Bracelet - Rose Quartz

12 x Chipstone Bracelet - Tiger Eye 

12 x Chipstone Bracelet - Blood Garnet

12 x Chipstone Bracelet - Opalite

12 x Chipstone Bracelet - Green Jasper 

12 x Chipstone Bracelet - Sodalite

12 x Chipstone Bracelet - Aventurine Green

12 x Chipstone Bracelet - Coralite Stone

1 x FREE Whitewash Jewellery Stand

Add AW Artisan Europe's Chipstone Bracelet Starter Pack to your inventory, and offer your customers a beautiful and beneficial product that stands out.

Origin China
Net weight 2.1Kg /Set
Shipping weight 2.1Kg
Materials / Ingredients Gemstones
Barcode 5056368324550
Materials / Ingredients