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Crystal Ball on Stand 60mm

Product code: AWCball-04

The simple Crystal Ball is given more credit than anything else for having the magical ability of divination. One aspect of this purely symbolic object is the image of the gypsy fortune teller peering into the ball and predicting your future.

It is mentioned in the Book of Revelations and alluded to in the story of King Arthur, who used his crystal ball to consult Merlin the Magician for counsel and prophecies.

Scryers (fortune tellers), who were well-known in the middle ages, revered their crystal balls and frequently taught their apprentices how to use them. In fact, crystals have always been used in communications, just as they are now in radios, telephones, and computers, as a means of connecting with and communicating with the divine.

It's possible that crystal balls' inherent qualities of transparency and symmetry led to their development as important tools. Additionally, it is asserted that the energetic fields of crystals and gemstones have a very subtle, frequently esoteric influence on what the scryer sees.


Although it may seem obvious, it is important to remember that crystal balls have an extremely slight chance of catching fire if left in direct sunlight due to their optical properties. For instance, use caution when displaying in storefront windows.

Origin China
Net weight 0,62Kg /piece
Shipping weight 0,406Kg
Materials / Ingredients Optical Glass
Barcode 5055796575503
Materials / Ingredients