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Back Flow Incense and Burners Starter Pack

Product code: Backf-ST

Introducing AW Artisan Europe's Back Flow Incense and Burner Starter Pack, complete with backflow incense burners and cones. 

The Backflow Incense Burner is specially designed to create a captivating downward cascade of smoke, dramatically pouring down the tower and catching your customer's eye. Once the incense cone is lit, the smoke, being heavier than air, falls in mesmerising swirls and twists, passing through the hole and gracefully descending over the burner, pooling at the bottom. This enchanting visual is not only stunning but also incredibly relaxing to watch. 

This Starter Pack Includes:

24 x BackFI-01 -  Tub of Assorted Back  Flow Incense Cones (approx 45) 

3 x BackF-01 - Back Flow Incense  Burner - Hand & Lotus Flower 

3 x BackF-02 - Back Flow Incense  Burner - Small Pebbles 

6 x BackF-03 - Back Flow Incense  Burner - Large Pebbles into Pool 

3 x BackF-04 - Back Flow Incense  Burner - Split Bamboo Fountain 

3 x BackF-07 - Back Flow Incense  Burner - Round to Square 

3 x BackF-15 - Back Flow Incense Burner - Tea Pot 

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Net weight /piece
Shipping weight 8,484Kg
Materials / Ingredients
Materials / Ingredients