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Essential and Base Oils Starter Pack

Product code: EO-ST

Introducing AW Artisan Europe's Essential and Base Oils Starter Pack, complete with 80 10ml bottles of Essential Oils, plus a gift of 12 100ml bottles of Base Oil and a Wooden Display Stand for FREE. 

Use this pack to enhance your Essential and Base Oil Collection in your business. There are 12 different types of essential oil, all rigorously tested to ensure purity and potency, providing customers with the highest quality products they can trust. With over 22 years of experience in sourcing and bottling essential oils, AW Artisan Europe takes pride in our commitment to quality and excellence. 

Our Base oils can be sold alongside the essential oils, but they are also ideal for diluting essential oils before applying to the skin.

This Starter Pack Includes:

14x EO-01 Lavender Essential Oil

6x EO-02 Tea Tree Essential Oil 

6x EO-03 Eucalyptus Essential Oil 

6x EO-04 Peppermint Essential Oil 

6x EO-05 Rosemary Essential Oil 

6x EO-06 Ylang Ylang Essential Oil 

6x EO-07 Clary Sage Essential Oil 

6x EO-08 Geranium Essential Oil 

6x EO-09 Sandalwood Amayris Essential Oil 

6x EO-10 Patchouli Essential Oil 

6x EO-11 Jasmine Dilute Essential Oil 

6x EO-12 Lemon Essential Oil 

FREE 6x BO-01 Grapeseed Base Oil   

FREE 6x BO-02 Sweet Almond Base Oil

FREE 1x RDS-118M Wooden Display Stand

The stand holds up to 90 10ml bottle of Essential Oil, order now and kick start your essential oil collection!