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Wintergreen Essential Oil 0.5kg

Product code: EOB-87

Latin Name: Gaultheria Fragrantissima

Part of Plant Used: Leaves

Source: China

Extraction Method: Steam Distillation

Aromatic Description: sweet, minty, refreshing

Wholesale Wintergreen Essential Oil is derived from the leaves of a creeping shrub found in coniferous areas. The main chemical component in Wintergreen, methyl salicylate, is used in topical creams and massage blends because of its soothing properties. 

In fact, Wintergreen and Birch are the only plants in the world that contain methyl salicylate naturally. As a flavoring, small amounts of Wintergreen are used in candies, toothpaste, and chewing gum. When diffused, Wintergreen has a refreshing aroma that is uplifting and stimulating.

Origin China
Net weight 0.625Kg /Piece
Shipping weight 0.625Kg
Materials / Ingredients Gaultheria procumbens
MSDS Wintergreen Oil CLP SDS
MSDS Wintergreen Oil IFRA Conformity Certificate
MSDS Wintergreen Oil Allergen Declaration
Materials / Ingredients