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Medium Tibetan Tingsha Bell - 6x11.5cm

Product code: TTB-06

Handmade bronze Tibetan Bells with a pure and clear sound.

The clarity of a bell creates a sharp, clear, rich sound that allows immediate focus, clearing the mind, a harmonic field generated through the mind and body, that, for the practitioner or recipient allows easy entry into deep stillness, restfulness, relaxation.  

Relaxation is one of the special gifts of many sound tools, which enhances mindful practices, a momentary or extended breath from every day activities, and readiness to enter the next stage of the day, sleep, or what is to come next in our lives.  

Many of these are traditionally used for clearing and focusing the mind or space (our own room, practice room, etc.)

Origin India
Net weight /bell
Shipping weight 0Kg
Materials / Ingredients Brass
Barcode 5056368328961
Materials / Ingredients