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Atomatherapy - Starter Pack

Product code: yyob-st

You can maximise your sales by adding this amazing Starter Pack to your shop, all packed with your top selling products.

This Starter Pack contain: 

EO-30 Mandarin Essential Oil

EO-17 Frankincense Essential Oil  

EO-03 Eucalyptus Essential Oil 

EO-04 Peppermint Essential Oil 

EO-05 Rosemary Essential Oil 

EO-06 Ylang Ylang I Essential Oil 

EO-07 Clary Sage Essential Oil 

EO-08 Geranium Essential Oil 

EO-09 Sandalwood Amayris Essential Oil 

EO-10 Patchouli Essential Oil 

EO-75 Rose Geranium Essential Oil 

EO-12 Lemon Essential Oil 

APBox-05 50x Box for 10ml Essential Oil Bottle - White

TLS-06 30x Unscented Tealight (4hr)

And FREE the amazing OILS BURNERS--> YYOB-04

RRP Value:26.28€

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