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Tea & Teapot Starter Pack

Product code: ARTEAP-STM

Transform your moments of relaxation with AW Artisan Europe's Tea and Teapot Starter Pack, a perfect combination for anyone who appreciates the art of preparing and savouring aromatic teas. This carefully selected set offers a complete experience for beginners and tea enthusiasts alike.

It's no secret that drinking tea is great for us, as all the antioxidants it contains boost our body's health while hydrating it. Its benefits go far beyond simply making us feel better. So sit back, relax and cheers to your health.  

This Starter Pack Includes:

1x Herbal Teapot Set - Classic White (TeaP-01)

1 x Herbal Teapot Set - China Fans (TeaP-03)

1 x Small Herbal Teapot - Butterflies (TeaP-10)

6x Herbal Tea Cups - Butterflies (TeaP-17)

3x 50g Green Dragon Blend (ArTeaP-03)

3x 50g Mindfulness Meditation (ArTea-04)

3x 50g On Angels Wings (ArTea-05)

3x 50g Hidden Islands Blend (ArTea-06)

3x 50g Yogi Spice Blend (ArTea-12)

3x 50g Black Magic Blend (ArTea-14)

Discover a new way to enjoy high quality, elegantly prepared teas. Our Tea and Teapot Starter Pack is ideal as a gift or to start your journey into the world of tea.

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Shipping weight 5.042Kg
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